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Odorization Injection System
YZ Odorization Systems are engineered to measure and inject precise amounts of liquid odorant into each cubic foot, or meter, of gas that flows down a pipeline to ensure detectability.
These proven, reliable systems provide proportional-to-flow odorant injection, onboard metering of the odorant injected, system monitory and alarm notification

Sampling System
Gas and Liquid Sampling Systems - All of our products are manufactured with quality and precision and offer a standard, simple and reliable family of sampling systems.
The goal of our designs is to deliver a representative sample month after month, year after year.

DTEX is a state of the art solution for conducting odorant detection tests.
It assists the user in quantifying the odorant level in natural gas with menu driven, step-by-step instructions.
DTEX features microprocessor operation with on-board test and location data storage.
Reporter software is a powerful data management tool that allows the operator to securely store test details electronically;
such as, odorant levels, locations, time and date, important notes and instrument errors

Lubrication System
One of the difficulties in maintaining turbine meters in the field is that they require lubricant for the unrestricted movement of the turbine, and for measurement accuracy.
Maintaining the lubricant level in meters is a problem that has existed for a very long time. Today, at YZ Systems, we have the solution in the Cyclone - Meter Lubrication System 4400

For more information, please Visit us at ww.yzsystems.com or contact us (ihab@ariegsa.com)

For more information, please Visit us at contact us (ihab@ariegsa.com)